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A group of independently held companies, with global perspective and reach.

Delta Oil International (Deltaoil)

Who we are

Deltaoil is a name for a group of independent and privately held companies engaged in the oil and gas industry world wide in Sweden, Singapore, Hong Kong Taiwan, Main Land China and Nigeria.

Our mission is to through innovation advance sustainable development of the communities and humanity in general using oil and gas resources as the foundation; and especially, within the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria.

  • The History

  1. Deltaoil started as a Sole Trader Company registered in 194 and operating under the company laws of Sweden. From its beginning, it focused on acquisition and trading of oil products, such as crude oil, diesel, jet fuels, gasoline, marine fuels and lubricants.
  2. Later during 1998 - 2000 Deltaoil's interest and focus shifted to acquisition of crude oil for joint-processing under strategic partnerships with refineries. Our approach and business philosophy are to establish cooperation with Oil Majors and maintain global network that includes many agencies and organizations; thereby affording us access to key refineries, national oil and major producing companies.
  3. Deltaoil Group consists of privately held independent companies operating worldwide in Sweden, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Peoples Republic of China and Nigeria.
  4. Our organizational structure, international network of highly qualified and dedicated professionals, who are able to penetrate important markets and establish good relationships with key companies offer us good business opportunities to participate competitively in oil and gas, energy, technology and construction industries.
  5. In 2006, Delta Oil International (Singapore) Pte. Ltd (Deltaoil SG), was formed to take advantage of the growing oil trading market in the Asian Pacific Region.
  6. In 2007, Delta Oil International (Hong Kong) Ltd (Deltaoil HK), was formed to focus attention and expand oil business into Mainland China, which was becoming the fastest growing oil market.
  7. In 2008, Delta Oil International Co. Ltd., Taiwan (Deltaoil TW), was formed to take advantage of developing good relationships with Taiwanese two major refineries and highly developed technical and industrial base.
  8. In 2009, Delta Oil Technical Services (Shanghai) Co. Ltd (Deltaoil SH), was formed as a JV Company an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) establishing a strategic presence in Mainland China (PRC).
  9. Encouraged by the formation of the SPV and developments in the Nigerian Oil & Gas sector, namely the "Local Content" and "Petroleum Industry" Bills, Deltaoil focused attention to Nigeria, where the Group's strategy is to be a major force in creating sustainable development using the abundant natural resources as foundation; and has formed in 2009:
  10. Delta Oil International Development Co. Ltd (Deltaoil DC) to focus on strategic developments in upstream and downstream businesses in the Nigerian Oil Industry taking into consideration relationships with local communities and the environment.
  11. Delta Oil Global Energy Resources Ltd (Deltaoil GE) to focus on exploration and production activities in oil & gas, mining of coal, biomass and renewable energy.
  12. Delta Oil Refining & Marketing Co. Ltd (Deltaoil RM) to engage in downstream  business of refining and marketing of oil products in the Nigerian market and sub-region. Deltaoil RM will handle bulk importation and exportation of refined products.
  13. Delta Oil Shipping & Logistics (Nigeria) Ltd Deltaoil SL) to focus on handling crude oil and refined products transportations; and strategic storage and marine harbor assets.
  14. Delta Oil Technologies & Construction Ltd (Deltaoil TC) to provide technology and innovation to the Group's operations in Nigeria and globally; a Lead Company for the Consortium (Deltaoil TCC) organized to undertake construction projects in Civil, Chemical/Petrochemical, Marine and Telecommunications, etc.

Short Brief on Deltaoil TCC

  1. The concept of forming a Consortium around Deltaoil TC results from many years of cooperation representation by Uni-World Engineering Co. Ltd (Uni-World), with more than 20 years experience in the Power, Petroleum. Chemical, Steel, Paper and Cement Industries, who has coordinated business dealings between Deltaoil and major oil refineries in Taiwan and China. This relationship has assisted the Group to realize great business potentials in technical and industrial experience and know-how from Taiwan.

  2. Both Deltaoil and Uni-World decided in 2008  to integrate core business activities under Deltaoil TW, which today maintains the Groups capacity to deliver technical know-how, engineering and construction in many fields including healthcare.

  3. Today, we are at the forefront of the COVID-19 Pandemic fight by establishing Deltaoil Healthcare(TM), responsible for the supply of essential pandemic containment equipment into Nigeria and other markets

Dr. Jonathan C. Otamiri, President & Group Managing Director


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